Ask Illini Anything - July 2016

Got a question? Thousands of alumni heads are better than one.

Here's something new. Let's give Illinois alumni a chance to ask and answer questions. That's what the network for: to expand our reach by relying on the community. If you have a question, email us at and we'll post it in the alumni newsletter. Have an answer? Email the folks below.

We are thrilled that our son will become an Illini this fall! Are you aware of any scholarships for non-residents?
—Kathy Aebel-Groesch,

My interest is political in that engineers in general shirk their responsibility. They rarely challenge really dumb actions by our local governments. Replacing stairs to a office back door because the riser was 7 1/4 inches and the requirement is 7. Refusing to do a computer simulation of the requirements at Lambert Field, leaving us with a runway we don't need. And a bunch in between. If anyone's interested in forming a engineering group to challenges city's decisions, I certainly will be happy to participate.
—Bill Davis (UIUC 1957),

I'm trying to learn Chinese, but I haven't found any local resources for learning beyond the basic level.. Does anyone know of any local resources (tutors, classes, etc.) that could help?
—Kirk Kittell (UIUC 2003/2006),