Braggin Rights Baseball 2016

Illinois baseball vs Missouri at GCS Ballpark

When: Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Where: GCS Ballpark, 2301 Grizzlie Bear Blvd, East St. Louis, Illinois

Illinois plays Missouri at GCS Ballpark for Braggin' Rights Baseball. Get tickets!

If you have any questions, email Andrew Childerson at Check out the event posted to Facebook.

April 20 update: here are still plenty of tickets. The idea is that we would purchase lawn tickets ($10.00) a ticket and we could all sit in the right field corner. Doing this we could think of it as more a social setting as having our Illini blankets, chairs, etc all together and be seen as more of a group. The game starts at 6 and we will be tailgating before the game, playing bags and enjoying some beverages. I will plan on getting there at 4:30 so feel free to come whenever you can. If you have a set of bags or an Illini tent of some kind feel free to bring it, it would be greatly appreciated.